What I Am Passionate About

There are many things I’m passionate about- dancing, writing & art to name a few.

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However the two things I’m most passionate about most actually intertwine with each other- pro wrestling and graphic design. (My apologies for the rambling I’m about to do)

I fell in love with pro wrestling at a very young age, so much so that I grew up wanting a career in the business. My talents outside of the wrestling community as an emcee, a budding photographer, an aspiring journalist, a graphic designer and even a dancer,  have provided me multiple career options to consider in the wrestling business without necessarily being a wrestler.

The pandemic (while terrible overall) was seemingly a blessing in disguise for me in terms of where I am as a graphic designer. While I lost all motivation to keep dancing and singing (and showcasing it all on TikTok), I began working on art. Art was something that I never really had the time to work on prior to the pandemic as I would be out and about every weekend. I’d start on something and it would take me a while to finish a piece.

If its one thing that pro wrestlers love, it’s fan art. During this time I made several drawings and portraits of wrestlers, tagged them on social media and they would repost them and compliment me on my work. Fast forward to 2021, I wanted to create a project highlighting few of the black wrestlers for Black History Month, but it wasn’t working out the way that I wanted to as it took me long to complete just one portrait.

When June came around, I had a different approach. I was inspired to create a digital collage celebrating the inclusivity in wrestling this included projects for Pride & Juneteenth.

I was not expecting these to blow up the way it did. So many wrestlers I included in these projects began following me and were very appreciative  towards what I created. I knew something was there.

That summer, I began creating several posters for indie wrestling promotions which led me to working with Limitless Wrestling up in Maine in making their posters and match graphics for their shows.

Fast forward to now, I’ve worked with several indie wrestling promotions across the country in terms of creating graphics for their events. I’ve also lost count with how many wrestlers I’ve either designed booking graphics, resumes, merch and logos for.

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