What I Am Passionate About

There are many things I’m passionate about- dancing, writing & art to name a few. However the two things I’m most passionate about most actually intertwine with each other- pro wrestling and graphic design. (My apologies for the rambling I’m about to do) I fell in love with pro wrestling at a very young age,… Continue reading What I Am Passionate About

When Words Fail, GIFs Speak

GIFs have become a part of my daily life. When I first started using Twitter (still gonna call it that), I went crazy with using GIFs either when tweeting or replying to mutuals. The way I see it is: When words fail, GIFs speak!  I had my doubts while skimming through the syllabus for CT101… Continue reading When Words Fail, GIFs Speak

Ramen Hacks

I absolutely LOVE soup— especially ramen!  Any time I see videos while scrolling through social media, I save them all (I actually follow through with making them as opposed to all of the other cooking videos I save). Who doesn’t love a good bowl of Ramen? I once looked up a hack on TikTok to… Continue reading Ramen Hacks


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