Ramen Hacks

I absolutely LOVE soup— especially ramen!  Any time I see videos while scrolling through social media, I save them all (I actually follow through with making them as opposed to all of the other cooking videos I save).

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Who doesn’t love a good bowl of Ramen? I once looked up a hack on TikTok to make some at home. Next thing I knew, I  ended up with several different hacks/recipes by the end of the week. It was such a game changer!

Here is one of my favorite hacks I tried!


And let me tell you- it tasted just like the ramen you’d get from the ramen spot!

I am 100% certain that we as college students have late-night cravings while working on assignments. This is something quick and easy to satisfy that craving.  There are so many ways to add your own flavors and uniqueness while preparing your ramen at home. Have fun with it! You won’t regret it!

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